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10 months ago

have the (Bay Wheels) (Android) app show you when you're in a positive ride

It would be helpful if the (Bay Wheels) (Android) app would show you if your current ride is a points-positive ride.  Does it do that already and I missed it?  Thanks!



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    Go to Citibike screen and touch to go to Bike Angels rewards screen. Then scroll down to bottom and turn on the "Show point values on the map" You'll see the pickup and drop off station on the map afterwards. Once you dock the bike at the drop off station, you should get a notification of your earned points. I personally like Push Notification.

  • Since the station you start from would indicate if it requires pick ups (or is neutral) you would know before you start your ride if it will be a positive (or neutral) ride. And then it's just a matter of dropping off at the station you already saw required drop offs or looking at the app, after you've started your ride, to determine which station, requiring drop offs, you want to go to.