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2 years ago

I want E-bike credits rather than money

Right now Bike Angels passing 200 points earn $1 for every additional 10 points. I'd like to have the option to apply the points to E-bike minutes rather than a dollar amount. Not saying do away with monetary compensation, just let it be a choice. I'd much prefer $30 of E-bike time rather than 30 bucks cash at the end of the month.

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    I'm not sure I understand -- why can't you just use the money to pay for E-Bike fees? Also I'm pretty sure it's $1.50 for every 10 points, not $1.

  • Yes, it's $1.50 per 10 points (15 cents/point). It would be great if there were multiple options on how to cash in points, similar to credit card point/miles programs -- like gift cards to vendors where the gift value might be a bit higher than the cash value. 

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      I appreciate what you’re saying, but I like  cash because I can use it anywhere unless it was a significantly higher value. I would prefer my payments in cash.

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        Yes, that's why I suggested having multiple options. People who want cash can have cash, but if you want a higher return you could opt for gift cards.

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    Its the same thing. Just take the cash you've earned and pay for the minutes on your credit card