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8 months ago

New squat docks are terrible!

I just went to pick up a bike at Murray St and West St in lower Manhattan, but when I got there, I found the docks had totally been changed. These new docks are strange, and nothing like the rest of the docks in the system.


Word cannot even begin to describe how much I hate, hate, hate these docks! I could find nowhere to stick my Citibike key fob, which I’ve been using since the day I joined. How in the world is this an improvement? I then had to take off my bike gloves, take out my phone, slide the cover off the camera, manually enter my password, since it was dark, and the phone did not recognize me, go to the Citibike app, hit the scan button, wait for it to turn on the light to deal with darkness, wait for to try to focus on the QR code, and actually read it to finally unlock the bike, which took at least three times longer than just using my key fob! Then I had to slide cover back over the lens & put phone away, then put my gloves back on before I could pull the bike out to start my ride.


And I can only imagine how much worse this will be in the rain or cold weather!!!


These docks are horrible! I don’t know how to explain how much I hate them, and how much they are useless! Please pass along my comments to your superiors and bosses at Citibike/Lyft. If they replace all of the docs with these, I will definitely not be continuing my membership. Again, these new docks are the worst!!!

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    These docks have a key fob scanner on the right hand side of the bike (where it says "tap here to unlock"), no need to insert a key, just tap it on the outside.

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        Bike Angels Team

        Also, we absolutely hear your feedback that the new location and shape of the key fob scanner is not intuitive for long standing key fob users and we'll look into adding more effective instructions on how to use a key fob when we start rolling out Pillar at scale.

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      Glad you helped him. It seems he was having a rough day