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3 years ago

New Topics for the Bike Angels Community

I'm so glad that Lyft/Citibike has created this group, though I see that there are only two topics: Welcome and Help.


We have a Bike Angels Community on Facebook where we have created several topics so Angels can more easily find topics with info they need. The topics we are using are listed below. It would be great if we could use similar topics in this group. 


**Angel Achievements: Brag here about your latest point milestone, or any Angel-related goal.
**App Info: Anything relating to the app or web interface, including features, glitches, updates.
**Bike Angels in the News: Any news or social media post about Bike Angels in any bike sharing market.
**Citibike in the News: Any news or social media post about Citibike or NYC cycling.
**The Good Bad and Ugly: Anything you want to share about your experience with Citibike/Bike Angels.
**Group Info: Information about this group, including descriptions, notifications, and related conversation.
**High Point Alert: Notifications about 3+ docks or 4+ runs.
**Meet-n-Greet: Say hi to your fellow Angels!
**System Status: Updates regarding outages, fees, or other non-Angel related Citibike information (this does NOT include app info).
**Tips-n-Tricks: Info and advice regarding Bike Angels, Citibike, or biking in NYC in general.


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