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8 months ago

Not ending streaks when bringing a friend on a ride


I often try to bring friends on rides, and since I usually have extra credit, I do a "group ride" instead of having friend create an account. 

However, its almost impossible to find two bikes together (not at a station) so bringing a friend also means I loose any streaks.

Its fair to end a streak if I ride by myself, but with a friend, would it not be better to add a rule to the system to resume the streak if the last ride was a group ride? 



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    Bike Angels Team

    Thank you for this suggestion, heikkij ! We hear you and see how this could be beneficial to riders. To be frank, this is not currently on the docket for updating how streaks continue or break, but we very much appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to continue letting us know what updates you'd like to see!