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11 months ago

Saw a guy stealing batteries from the Ebikes

This afternoon at 18:14 on Forsyth and Grand I saw this guy pry open the battery container and take out the battery and put in his bag and form his other bag he stuck another battery in the docked bike (presumably a dead/broken one) and moved over to another ebike in the docks. I walked by him doing that but was afraid to take a photo when I was close in case he hit me (he was using a crowbar and a kryptonite lock to get at the batteries) or something. It’s annoying to always find bike charging or not working so here’s one of the reasons why. I hope the pics help. 

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  • Hi there Maura! Thank you for reaching out. We are sorry to hear about this. We have reached out to our Operations Team to look into this. We hope you have a joyous Friday! 🙂