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10 months ago

Slllooowwww Divvy scooters

Has anyone else picked up new Gen Divvy scooters that won't go over 10mph? It's nice that they show how fast your going, but the past week or so I've picked up at least 4 that just won't go over 10mph, even though they're supposed to max out at 15mph. Did something change? 


It's not every time, but it's certainly becoming more consistent. The old Gen scooters still seem to go an appropriate speed, but the new Gen ones, regardless of the charge remaining, will sometimes not get up to speed. 

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey tgrim12 ! Thanks for sharing this feedback with the Community! I've filled our team in so that we can all keep an eye out for any potential bugs with the scooters. 


    The Bike Angels Community is designed to support Bike Angels questions. For other general feedback, such as your original post, your best source of support will be our Customer Support team. They can be reached here

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      Thanks jenniferrp! I forgot to add that I reported them each time each time, but through the "report issue" option in the app (since I didn't feel it directly effected me and required reaching out to the team), but I'll send a note to Customer Support in the future as well 🙂