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6 months ago

Why are posts here being rejected?

Is anyone else having their posts here rejected? As far as I can tell, my questions/posts are all above board, and my last question was about something weird showing up on the app. 

What is happening so that I can adjust if necessary and have my posts posted?


Thank you,



  • Hey there, Sean, thank you for sending those photos. I'm glad they posted! I'm sorry to see your posts were sent to our Spam Quarantine. Our community receives so little abuse reports that I'm thinking the system mistakenly identified your posts as spam. I'm marking them as not spam to try to make sure the system can learn from the issue.  I very much apologize for the confusion this must have caused! Feel free to DM me anytime you have an issue like this. We'll get to the bottom of it. 

  • The photos posted above but there may have been a lag with the view. 

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    Hey there, Sean, thanks for reaching out about this and for visiting the community to join in the conversation here. I'm sorry to hear you're seeing that your posts are rejected. Can you please send a photo of any rejected posts? Or, can you share how you learned your posts were rejected? I'm not seeing any recent posts from you when I reviewed your profile and our moderation queue. I want to get to the bottom of this so you can post anytime! ğŸ‘¼