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3 years ago

Membership Extensions Not Posting

Hi all! My 4 weeklong membership extensions earned during August never successfully extended my membership, so I was charged the annual fee in September. And now the extensions I earn are not extending my membership (even though I get emails saying I earned the extension).
I wrote to Lyft support in August, have escalated several times, and absolutely nothing - zero response for over 2 months. Can I get some help on this issue? (Request 180828886) 

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    Were you able to get this resolved? If so, how did you do it? I am having the exact same issue as you for months and I must have reached out to support 5-6 times and never get a response.


    Thanks for your help!

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    Still unresolved - I reached to them on twitter - they are very responsive there (but doesn't mean they're able to solve the problem). So far it sounds to me like Lyft Pink membership is screwing this up! 

  • I have the same exact issue - called customer service to get it resolved and they did nothing. Lyft Pink messed up everything  - I should have a free 6 months extension that I'm not getting.