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4 years ago

Bike Angel Points

When will the Bike Angel point availability data be put back on the web-site map? It used to be there, and is still available on the app, but it's been stripped from the web site.

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    Community Manager

    Hey WestEndAl. Thanks for reaching out- as we work to make the Bike Angels program as mobile as our riders, we are only making updates for the in-app map. That said, we'd love your feedback on how seeing point availability online might improve your riding experience!

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      Steady Solver

      Occasionally, I go out for a little exercise, and build some Citibike redistribution into my outing. It’d be nice to see what’s going on relative to bike density before I start. Frankly, the idea that removing a feature (Bike Angel points on the website) would somehow make the system better makes no sense. If you’re worrying about clutter, you can allow users to turn the feature on or off, as can be done in the app. The reason for removing it is not obvious, nor is it explained. More subtly, finding things that appear less than well-thought-out does not reflect well on Citibike.