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2 years ago

Did the conditions for extending a streak just change?

When I completed the 4th ride to get to the 3x points level, instead of seeing 'take 1 positive ride to restart the clock', it now says 'take 4 positive rides to restart the clock'?

If this is by design, I am quite upset this change is happening without a heads-up or any discussion. Why have a community if changes like this are made in the dark?

If this is a bug, it's a pretty bad one and I hope it can be corrected soon.


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    Yeah making a change like this without informing anyone is definitely counter to the interest of "building a community". Any comment CitiBike?

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      Agreed, I would like more transparency from the Angels team when they plan to make a change to the system we contribute to.

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hi, All: ronald topheru NomadNye dbny 2WG-4WB I'm sorry I missed replying to this post thus far. I wanted to address the change to the Streaks experience, as I realize this left you and other Angels with questions.


    ronald I understand your concerns about the app experience and the communication related to it, and I appreciate the feedback shared here by the entire group. We value your perspective, as we understand Angels quickly become experts of the program! I will continue to work to ensure we're driving transparency and collaboration among our Angel group here. Feedback from the Angels here has helped to validate and identify a handful of issues already! 


    We are constantly working to make the system better, including new app features and other changes. We always conduct a slow rollout of improvements to ensure things are working as expected. 


    During the rollout for a new feature, individual Angels may see slightly different experiences, so what you see may not be the same as others. These rollouts are only temporary, and after a while, you and other Angels will see the same version of each feature.


    In this case, you can rely on the details shown in the app, as there are no known bugs affecting Bike Angels Streaks. I appreciate the call out and the contributions from the group here! ðŸ˜Š

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    Consider yourself lucky, this change happened on my account ages ago 😞

    You now need to take 4 rides every 24hours to keep your streak going.

    Sucks- but at least now it got cold it is getting easier to find bikes in popular locations!

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    Yeah I noticed the change on my profile about 2 months ago. I wasn't happy either...been much harder to keep that 3x streak alive.