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4 years ago

How to read potential point?


Sorry if this is explained already somewhere, but can someone please explain how to read the Angel points system?

I feel like I am constantly picking up a bike at 4-point docking station, and then when I return it to a different station, I get no points.

Anyone have a quick explanation on how the points system works?


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  • In the situation you cited, you need to return the bike to a "neutral" station (no points for either docking or removing), or a station that "needs" bikes and offers points for docking.

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    You must transfer to a non similar station. Ex: neutral station (no points) to a white (give bike) or from a black points tab to a white or neutral station. If you go black to black or white to white you get no points.

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    Bike Angels Team

    Thanks all for diving in to help out. You can also check out our web page on how to earn points.


    Let us know if this is helpful!