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11 months ago

Mmebership renewal

Dear Angels, Did you know that membership does not just expire on a particular day, but at particular time? In my case, it was July 4 at 8 AM. So, despite renewing my membership on July 4 at around noon, I was charged for the ride I took at 8:26 AM!! First of all, in the reminder email there is absolutely nothing about having to renew at a specific time. It explicitly states "On the day your membership expires, click the ‘Access your account’ link above and log in." Second, why not to allow to renew ahead of time? And finally, when I called I was told "Nothing I can do. The System does not allow me to do anything in your situation." Right, it THE SYSTEM.

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  • Most bike angels earn points toward free membership so we don't even think about being charged.  We earn 80 points at the beginning of each month for a four week extension = 48 weeks per year, so we only get billed every few years when the 52 months outpace the 48 revolving weeks toward our extension.  If you have a credit card attached to your account it renews your membership automatically.  You do not pay for the individual rides.  So, perhaps you turned off the automatic renewal on your account or your credit card had an issue or something like that.

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    Of course, per my recent post, people in markets where their Bike Angel points are now "banked", they can use 80 of their bank points to extend their membership.

    In the past, points reset each month, so we had to get back on the bike earning 80 pts each month.

    Now, people in certain markets, have the opportunity to ride a few days, earn 1,000pts, and "bank" 12 months of membership extensions

    So... theoretically, if many of the Bike Angels never make it onto the LEADERBOARD, and usually ride just for the 80pts a month, they can now add on a few days of additional riding ONCE to accumulate around 500 - 1,000 pts and a full year worth of membership extensions, therefore eliminating the monthly necessity to ride for points.

    Are the top 20 on the LEADERBOARD carrying the bike redistribution program?

    I suspect that might be true. Because, Lyft has the data, and if many of the Angels start earning their yearly membership extensions in a few days or weeks and stop redistributing for the rest of the year, that's a lot of bikes each month that are not going to get moved.

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    Hey there, equinox001, I'm sorry this happened! I realize this would likely be frustrating or confusing, as your extensions have been automatically been redeemed in the past. 


    Looking at emails Angels received with the old rewards redemption structure, the email states the membership will expire on a specific date, meaning the rides on that date would not be covered by your membership. That said, I appreciate your feedback regarding the time of expiry, as we are always working to improve the rider and Bike Angel experience, and that includes support experiences! 


    I hope you'll return to the community here should you have a question or concern in the future. 😊