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2 years ago

[Discussion] Tips for a Bike Angels n00b? What do you wish you knew when you started as an Angel?

As a rather new addition to the Bike Angels Team, I’ve noticed–there’s a lot to this whole thing! 


What was the most confusing thing when you started as an Angel? What tips do you have for new Angels? (cherubs… sweet baby angels? 🤔 )

Share details about what the learning curve was like for you in the comments!  ↩️

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    If you happen to take a longer ride that passes a boundary between a drop off area and a pick up area, you can often get a lot more points by dropping off a bike (and start or increase your multiplier), walking a bit to another station and start another ride with the 2x multiplier added.

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    That even if the kiosk shows pick up points, you have to look at the app immediately after you unlock the bike, because it can switch to a drop off kiosk, and cancel out your boost status.  Often you can ride a long distance and not even get the points.


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      This! I've learned to be very vigilant for docks that switch at the last second, but I still end up losing my boost from time to time. Happened to me today. I double-checked that a dock was neutral, undocked, got to my destination and there it was, the dreaded notification that my boost had ended.