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9 months ago

Citibike Service Going Downhill?

Anyone else notice that Citibike is getting even worse? I rode to a conference midtown today and within ~20 minutes got to a station to find that all docks were full. I went to a nearby station that had open docks that were broken. I then went to a third station that also had open docks that were broken. I’m now desperately late for my conference and couldn’t wait any longer. I left the bike in the open dock and tried reaching out to help, only to get threatened that I would be responsible for the bike if it didn’t find its way back into the system. I went back to get it, missing my conference, couldn’t find a dock for a really long time, and then they charged me for being late, when it was entirely their fault. I reached out to “help” and they refused to give me a refund. It’s like their business plan is to intentionally make customers late so they can extract money from us! How bad will NYC DOT let them get?

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    To me, all citibike is interred in these days is expanding their fleet of bikes, raising prices.  if problems arise, ciitibike is very weak at solving your problem in a timely way.  The customer service experience is very poor and response times to problems take too long,  Not worth re-renewing the annual membership which is increasing to $219 beginning in mid-January '24.   there are way too many headaches that go with the membership this days and a growing fleet of bikes that are not good.  I was a loyal member for seven years,