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8 months ago

1st Avenue and 33rd Street station is awful

What is going on with this station. So many occasions it is not functioning, can't take a bike out or dock it.

Tuesday night, 10/17, I attempted to take an ebike. The light flashed on, then went red and I was not able to take it out of the dock, BUT THE RIDE WAS ENGAGED AND THE CLOCK WAS TICKING. Same thing happened to another woman a couple of docks away from me. Citibike's answer was, don't worry, we'll only charge you a max of 25 hours' worth, which you can get back as a reimbursement AFTER the charge appears on your credit card.

Fortunately I was only billed for a little over one hour, but I still have to wait for reimbursement. 


Please fix this station. This is used mostly by NYU and Bellevue medical people and this is truly a disservice to this community of people helping people.

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey there, TaichiKen, thank you for visiting the community to share your experiences with the station at 1st Ave x 33rd. We appreciate you flagging the issues with this station, as I'm sure other Angels and riders are having trouble with this, too.


    I apologize for the way your support experience left you feeling. This isn't the sort of experience we want our riders to have if they encounter an issue. Your experience illustrates some issues might riders have at the beginning or end of a ride. Insight like this is helpful for the teams working to improve the overall rider experience. I have captured your feedback about the station, the support interaction, and this process to share with relevant teams.