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2 years ago

4th Street Washington Square Park Stations

Over the last month, the stations around 4th street Washington Square Park are feeling more and more packed. I've never really had much of a problem getting to class around there, but now I do. There's rarely any parking. Maybe its a seasonal thing and a lot of people dropped off bikes that they never biked back with.

For those who have had Citi Bike for over a year, do you notice trends like this across seasons? Like parking getting harder in the winter.

Also, I'll probably take a weekend to make a few runs, but I feel like if 10-20 people move a bunch of bikes from Washington Square Park, it might be that a lot of those bikes won't come back. Just a PSA lol.

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    Yes!. Depending on the season, I can earn 12 points riding to work , or not find a bike at all.

    In cold weather people ride much less, especially at night. I think.. so bikes get stuck from the daytime flow with less returns.

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    been citibiking for about 2 years, trends are usually less bikes available in the summer because people want the “nice day joy ride” but fall/winter, more bikes available. This is for stations in manhattan from my experience.