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10 months ago

Divvy Cash for Points Please

Thank you.


Please, implement Divvy points for cash as is available in some other markets.


Please, would someone here with the ability to forward, request, argue, beg, the people who make Lyft decisions make this happen.


Thank you.


In a few days I banked enough points for a years worth of membership extensions.


Since those days, I have not been on a Divvy Bike Angels ride.


Sure, not much different than just riding for 80pts a month, but if there was a cash incentive, or some other options to redeem Lyft credits, I'd be out redistributing bikes everyday.


Just saying.


Thank you.

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hi, jm, thank you for your dedication to the Bike Angels program in Chicago and for posting this feedback about cash rewards here in the community. We hear you that cash rewards would incentivize you to move more bikes, and we've noted this feedback internally to be sure your thoughts on this can be shared with the teams that manage the Divvy Bike Angels program.