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11 months ago

Membership extension notifications with a new update


2m ago

Why aren't we notified when when these big updates are made
While I was wondering how come I didn't receive any Citi bike emails in June, I contacted customer service only when I noticed that my points didn't get restarted in July. After hours of talking to customer representatives, who had no idea what I'm talking about and just saying that this is perfectly normal, I had to send them screenshots to show that this was not normal up until May 30 in my case.
Then I finally found somebody who was willing to look into this who eventually (next day) explained about the update and that I need to manually redeem my membership. I have just done it for July. However, I had enough points in June, but I didn't do it since I had no idea that's how it works now.
How can I get those 4 weeks of membership now?

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey there, VZ, thank you for finding our community here and posting about your experience. It is super helpful to have the Angel perspective when updates happen. 


    First, I'm sorry your support experience about the rewards structure change wasn't smooth. It sounds like this topic was a particularly tough one to get help for, and that feedback will be shared internally. I will also share your feedback around the communication about this change. I understand many Angels didn't notice the educational info in the app and expected an email. 

    About your points, I'm glad to hear you've figured out how the rewards store works, since you've redeemed four extensions in July. While there isn't a way to retroactively redeem the June extensions—since points don't reset, you didn't lose any points when the month changed. All the points you've earned and not redeemed since this change took place in May are avaialble in your points bank to redeem for any rewards you choose. The extensions are limited at four each month. 

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    Hi Jess, I'm happy to hear that you are glad, that I finally figured it out after numerous calls to the customer service.
    However, service that was always automatic should not be taken away without notice. The extensions were given as soon as one reached 20 points. How could one possibly know that it's not going to work one month. Also, it didn't happen to everybody at the same time. Many of my friends are part of the program and the update didn't happen for them.  Why would someone have to spend time searching through this forum to figure out how the new point system works?

    The button on the App that says Fresh, doesn't tell you that unless you manually add membership you will not receive it. The customer service had no clue what is going on and kept saying they will get back to me.

    This transition is very flawed and it would be helpful to make adjustments for those who lost while you educate customer service and figure out how to make it clear in the app.