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12 months ago

Stop eBike fees for Angels

Sure, at first glance, it's probably not practical, but it's definitely fair.


When the pickings are low, or anytime, hunting around for eBikes can be quite time consuming. And "returning" an eBike that has

seemingly been discarded back into service is a big bonus to Citi/Divvy. 


They have a truck that looks for isolated bikes, but still, there are many in all nooks and crannies of the cities  


Why should active Angels get "penalized$$$" for going far and beyond gathering stray eBikes together?


Unfortunately, the "programmers" are having a hard enough time keeping the current app working and any such nuanced technical upgrade, besides not desirable to the bosses, might be beyond their capabilities (sorry for the dig, but the app is frustrating)


Still... eBikes are getting much more popular, why should Angels have to pay to reposition them?

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