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3 years ago

Using ebike credits

I’ve tried to use my ebike credits as I earn them, but am so frustrated when I do: why doesn’t the system take credit that is closest to expiration rather than credits that have more time on them? I’ve lost some ebike credit already to expiration, and am probably about to lose more because I can’t control which credit is used 🤬

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    Yup! Super frustrating and certainly negates something that is supposed to be an incentive to assist in bike rebalancing.

  • I've experienced this as well. I tweeted to Citibike about it and they credited a few dollars to my account to make up for the loss. They said that it would be fixed, but I just recently lost more credits because they expired even though more recent credits were used. Very frustrating!!! 

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    I never noticed the expiration dates, but I'm not surprised. Seems like just another example of Lyft creating a poor customer experience with Citibike. It was not like this before Lyft took over. Kinda disappointing.

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    Me too. Not on Twitter so they don’t really care about other social media correspondence. I just figure I will lose these the way I lose other rewards. I give up since they don’t care.