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2 years ago

Ebike Credits

I have a few questions regarding the EBike credit that is worth 10min credit per 20 points:
1) Is there a way to check the outstanding Ebike balance?
2) Do the Ebike credits get carried over to the following month?
3) If I have 60 points for the month, do I get 3 weeks of bike extension and 30 EBike credits, or just one of the two benefits, and if the latter, is there an option to choose which one?


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    The e-bike credit is 10 min per 10 points (actually closer to 9 min as tax is added). You get this for your first 10 points and then every 10 points between 90 and 200 points. The weekly membership extensions are once you reach 20, 40, 60 & 80. These benefits are not interchangeable.

    You can see your e-bike credit balance either by one of the following:

    -Click on any station and a small bar will show how much you have left (see pic;)

    -Look in your profile under Rewards to see the individual rewards remaining.

    These do carry over for (l think) three months. What’s annoying about it is that the system doesn’t seem to automatically use up the oldest rewards when you use them so I’ve lost credits in the past (as old credits weren’t used before newer ones were.)

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      thanks RickyDee  i use the app all the time, but I didn't know how to see my Ride credit balance!
      It's also useful to know that those credits will expire- so I will use them promptly.


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      From my understanding, the points doesn't expire. Maybe someone from Citi Bike or Bike Angels can verify. Also, since the app on that pic can only show 10 ride credits at a time I found that there is a huge discrepancy between the points earned under the rewards tap compared to what's shown on the picture.

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    Hi, Many thanks for the detailed explanation, which cleared up my misunderstanding!