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7 months ago

missing bike angel points - Bluebikes Boston

I did not receive credit for at least 40 points worth of bike angel rides this month. In a phone call on 10/9 I was told "this will certainly be resolved in 24 hours" and have heard nothing since. The same thing happened in September, and the agent on the phone confirmed she could see the points I should have received and that they would be reflected on my account. This is very frustrating to not receive credits after working very hard and being exposed to dangerous traffic. Bluebikes still received the benefit of my labor but I did not receive the credit. Can someone please assist me?

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  • Hey there mavi ! Thanks for the post!

    As a support agent, I am sorry to hear about this experience and want to make sure we can rectify this! Can you DM me your linked account info on your Bluebikes account aka your email and phone number? 

    This will help me easily find your account and figure out the issue with you not receiving points!