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3 years ago

Missing Rewards -- from 2020

If anyone from Citibike is reading this....I've posted a few times about still waiting on rewards from last year.  I've called Customer Support.  All a black hole with empty promises.  I earned the steel key a year ago now and was told it was on its way several times until this spring when suddenly I was told there's no more.  Then told they had them but they were blocked in some port (why couldn't these have been produced locally?) and I'd get soon.  Then told actually no.  Then told I'd get something by August.  It's now mid-October.  EVERY time I've been asked to confirm my mailing address (which I've done at least 9 times that I can remember, possibly more).  


WHEN WILL I GET MY REWARD FOR 2500 POINTS??  I'm now closer to 5000 points than I was to 2500 and still waiting.  What is the actual expected date?  Has anything been shipped from wherever?  If this difficult, why not order from elsewhere?? 


Let's see if anyone responds.  I'm not holding my breath since my expectations are now at rock bottom for Lyft and Citibike doing the right thing.



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    I didn't get the steel fob when I reached 1,500 points but received the bike gloves about a month after I send it my information for the 2,500 points reward. Since Lyft has taken over the Citibike, it has been a mess.

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    I had the same experience. Kept hearing different excuses about technology problems, asking me to confirm my mailing address multiple times, and still no metal key.