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3 years ago

Still waiting on rewards

Just posting this to start a new thread for Citibike to respond to.  Where are the so-called rewards we earned last year?  All the vague answers lately about 'coming soon' (which is what I heard Nov 2020-March 2021 about the steel key until I started hearing 'no more steel keys' this summer...).  Have you sorted anything out or is this all a joke?



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    Thanks for highlighting this. I have a similar story but have sort of given up by now... Was waiting for a couple of rewards last year when they changed things up. I asked if they could at least honor some of my achievements from that time, and after some negotiating they agreed to at send me the pins I earned. I figured it was better than nothing. I still haven't received anything, and no updates from the support team either. This makes me especially sad since I had a lot of really good conversations with the support team prior to Lyft taking over. They were always super responsive and helpful. I hope that this post results in people getting the rewards they are waiting for.

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    Just to let others know, I got a vague response in a private message to this post saying that they really want us to get 'our hardearned rewards" and they're still waiting but WITHOUT any specific timeframe again.  Same old story of baiting us when who only knows when or if something will ever show up.   I'll never understand why they can't get a shipment date from their's fairly standard to have a shipment date...and then just tell us and then be accountable.  I"m over this nonsense.