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11 months ago

AMA Host Intro: Robert

robert_halo | Robert

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  • Software Engineer — Lyft Transit and Bikes


Although I don’t work on Bike Angels directly, I'm an active internal user (over 12k points), and I actively give early feedback and try my best to catch things and represent folks in the Angel community.


The most challenging thing about working with the Bike Angels Team is trying to understand how and why the points map changes, mostly based on guesswork since I'm not on the team. I hear about things like stations with A & B rows of docks and try to figure out if they will make it easier or harder for us to help us Angels make the system more balanced.


Bike Angels is rewarding to me, because I love helping other riders get bikes when they need them and docks when they need them. The times when someone is super stressed, and I show up just in time to help them, really make my day.


Being an Angel at Lyft is great, because you get to see that the people working here are really dedicated to bikeshare (and shared scooters too)! I feel like I have feet in both worlds: a rider who loves being out on a shared bike, and a member of a team who are passionate about providing shared micromobility.

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