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12 months ago

AMA Host Intro: Eliza

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As a UX Designer on the Bike Angels Team, I have the challenge of crafting a program that works for Angels of different engagement and experience levels. Mechanisms and features need to work really well for top-earning Angels, but we also strive to make the program more accessible and understandable for new participants, which can be difficult to balance. 


After learning about how dedicated Bike Angels are after joining the team a few years ago, I find it incredibly rewarding to work on a system that supports those trying to help other bikeshare users get a bike or a parking spot. It can be very frustrating to not be able to get where you need to go.


Outside of biking for Bike Angels, I often cycle on my personal bike using it as my primary transportation (no car here). I'm also an amateur illustrator – you can find me at an independent comic book store most weekends. I love Desert Island Comics in Williamsburg!

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