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5 months ago

Happy New Year 2024 Bike Angels !

Here's to a Happy New Year to all the Bike Angels out there and especially Jess and team who's been striving to resolve all our problems and making the experience better. (I still haven't gotten my bag but that's a story for another time lols).


Anyways, keep racking up those points and I have faith that the system will continue to get better. Overall, my experience has been good/great aside from maybe 2-3 issues throughout my decade long membership. I hope others are enjoying it as well as Citi Bike has become quite an important and entrenched way of life for most of us in our commutes to work/school, etc.


See you all on the road!

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey, T1m3Wizard, thank you so much for the kudos and the upbeat discussion post. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't received your backpack still! Backpacks are back in stock and shipping to Angels, so I will make sure you receive yours, and I greatly apologize for the delay and the trouble the delay caused. Thank you for being an active member here and for your kindness as we navigate the issues that arise. ğŸ‘¼

  • That's great news! Has mine been shipped yet?? xD Can't wait. Don't forget, I changed apartments so when it does get shipped please please send it to the new apt so I don't miss it. If you can send me a DM with the tracking number when it's shipped that would be awesome. Thanks a ton for the update and looking forward to completing the collection!