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Bike Angels Team
2 years ago

Hello, Angels 👋

As you may have noticed, the Bike Angels community has been a bit quieter during the colder months. 🦗


With the warmer weather in full swing, peak bike season is coming quickly–and so is a revamped Bike Angels Community! 🙌


My name is Jess, and I’m here to serve the Bike Angels Community and tune up your Angel experience. I’ve recently joined the Bike Angels Team to help optimize the community structure and content and spread our wings (pun intended) by expanding membership to more NYC Angels. 


I believe connections are made stronger and ideas get better when we get to know each other a bit. So, here are some details about me…


  • B.S. in Mass Communications & Fine Art >> scrappy problem solver who really loves a challenge
  • Served a variety of communities in hospitality-focused and journalistic roles for more than 18 years >> in the trenches 
  • Bike Angels n00b with 4.5 years experience driving innovative solutions for riders and drivers with Lyft >> ready to serve and make things happen  


Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, attending concerts, trying new foods, and spending time with my partner and our cats. 


I’m so very excited and curious about the interactions we’ll have here and the magic we’ll make together. 💫 I encourage you to share this community with your friends and fellow NYC riders! Updates and improvements to the BAC experience are coming soon. 🔜👀


One last thing… if you see a survey in the community, please take a moment to fill it out! Insights from these questions will be used to drive future improvements to the community. 📝

Note: This is an intro post! Say hi and share about yourself below, and if you want to share your BA experiences, be an Angel, and create a new public post. 👼

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    Steady Solver

    Thanks for all the good work you're doing.  Despite the occasional whining around here, the basic fact is that the Bike Angels program is thoughtfully designed and functions pretty well across the very wide stretch of NYC that I ride. 

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      Bike Angels Team

      Octimon Thank you for the kudos! I'm really enjoying the work and am excited to see how things are evolving here and with the Bike Angels program. 💫 The best is yet to come!