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7 months ago

Hi Bike Angels! New Mod Here!

Hi there everyone!

wanted to introduce myself to y'all! My name is Omar and I am a new moderator here to help out the Bike Angels Community alongside Jess, Jenn, and all the other lovely people you have talked to here at Lyft. I loved biking as a kid and will still try to when I can but most days I am a homebody. A few more things about me professional wise:
  • Currently studying Cyber-security and Information Systems
  • Worked in QA, CX, and CM roles for 6 years (combining all of those experiences)
  • Worked at 3 startups previous so I am a problem solver that will reach out to whomever I can to figure out a solution
I am so SO excited to listen to your ideas and contribute to discussions. While I am here to facilitate healthy talks and "be a moderator", my main goal here is to make sure you feel heard no matter where you live and to be as transparent as I can, when I can.

If you all ever want to have a quick chat about cats, Valorant, or you know....this very program! go ahead and reply to my post or send me a DM!

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    Hustlin' Helper

    Welcome Omar.


    We welcome you and wish you the best. 

    Thank you for helping us.


    Here's a fun project for you that would change the lives of so many in Chicagoland that are in need of money. 







    Would anyone have the inside scoop, or the logic, on why some cities have a cash option for redeeming Angels points and other cities do not?


    I mean, since the cash option has been ongoing successfully and is well established in NYC, you'd figure it's a proven strategy and a program that Lyft is willing to support and maintain.


    That's saying a lot.


    So, why NYC and not Chicago?


    The NYC program is already in place, and has been tweaked over time. It's firmly established. So the cash option infrastructure is in place at the corporate level.


    If the cash option wasn't necessary, or a plus to the Citi Bike system, Lyft would have discontinued the cash option.


    So... why is it a plus for NYC, but not necessary in ORD?


    Seeing as the Citi Bike cash option has been ongoing for some time, one can say it has already been considered for implementation in other cities and has been rejected.




    Would anyone know the logic behind those discussions?


    Thank you.





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      Hey jm! Thanks for the warm welcome!

      While I can not speak directly on decisions of the rewards and how they are structured for each city. I can say we do hear other markets' concerns on not having a e-gift card reward option. NYC is definitely one of our bigger (if not biggest) Bike Angels market and we are thrilled to hear people are enjoying the new rewards structure we implemented a while back where riders can manually redeem their points for rewards.

      We are always looking to improve the Bike Angels program and feedback/ideas like this showing "Hey this is what we want!" really do help and are heard. Thanks for your reply!