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8 months ago

Reporting bad bike became difficult

Recently the Biketown app got updated, and now its difficult to

  • Report a problem
  • Lacking choices for problems.

For example, with the Biketown bikes, two very common problems are low/bad battery so assist doesn't work, and that the variable transmission is incorrectly set in a way where top speed is very low (maybe the wires slip, who knows). Another issues seems to be a bad/insensitive torque meter, so e-assist works poorly.
Nowadays, they removed those choices?? (Previous versions had e-assist, and "other" so you could be more descriptive). See screenshot. 
It also seems you can't report problems directly after ride (submit doesn't work), you have to go to "trip history", then find the latest trip and submit. 

Please fix!



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    8 months ago

    Thanks for making that distinction, heikkij! That's a good call out. I'll raise this to the teams that manage these options to share this feedback. 😊

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey heikkij ! Thank you so much for raising your BIIKETOWN app feedback with us. We've connected with the team and wanted to gather more details on your issue.

    • Have you tried any troubleshooting, such as deleting and redownloading app?
    • Would you be able to tell us how you navigated through the app to get this screenshot you've shared?
    • Also, if/when you take another ride, would you be able to share a screenshot to see what could be missing or wrong with 'submit' button when trying to report an issue at end of ride.

    Thanks so much for your patience and feedback as we investigate further on this!

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      I deleted and re-installed, but now the app has forgotten all my bike angel credit! 
      I'm out of town, so can't test ride any bikes, but the above screenshot is in the "Ride History", then find the ride and the "Report Issue".

      If you try to report a bike issue at the end of a ride (where you previously could report problems), the app gets stuck and you can't submit anything. It will accept a rating of the ride, but no other issues. 
      The screen looks the same as above there too though.


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        Bike Angels Team

        Hey heikkij ! It sounds like your Bike Angel points weren't reflected because you took a ride in a different region. Anytime you take a ride in another region, your account will reflect the information of that region. For example, if you took a ride in Chicago, since you're not enrolled as a Divvy Bike Angel, your points would reflect as 0. Once you're back in Portland, your app will recognize your location and display your BIKETOWN Bike Angels points correctly! 


        Once you're back in Portland and can take a ride, will you let us know if you still experience the same problem with the reporting a bike issue at the end of your rides?