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2 years ago

ARGH! I just (accidently) broke my streak: This is a PITA. Why Not: Help me be a better Angel?

My mission tonight: Get My Streak Back.

I was successful until I FAILED to notice that the station went from 2 points for PICKUP to 1 point for DROPOFF, said a bit differently the station changed from -2 to +1.


I am upset with myself for not looking--this isn't the first time this has happened--but WHY CAN'T THE APP WARN ME or BETTER YET: PREVENT ME FROM BREAKING MY STREAK.


If YOU want me to be a Bike Angel:
Help me be a better Angel.



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    The good news here is that a bike returned at the same station gets treated like a true neutral ride and will not break a streak. We initially designed it like this because we didn't want to penalize people for returning a bike at the same station when they take out a bad bike and realize it right away, but it also works for this scenario.

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    I'm confused.

    I thought this issue was solved.


    Once the bike is unlocked, the points and station status do not change.


    Attached is a confirmation of that fact from a Divvy Tweet and the explanation on the website.


    Having said that, a quick recheck on the app of the stations status after unlocking is a good practice.


    And, Divvy Twitter is notoriously inaccurate with their support and they regularly just make up answers.














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    Not saying people don't know this already,  but...


    A useful tip that I employ is to use the app and click on the station BEFORE unlocking the bike (photo).


    Then use the SCAN feature from that window. 


    The app will warn you of the station's status, and if you take a screen grab you'll have proof. (The app has proven to be accurate, so a screen grab has never been necessary)




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    dme5858, my heart goes out to you.  I have been burned by that mistake SO many times (in my neighborhood, the entry/exit points change rapidly and somewhat unpredictably).  Eventually, I got in the habit of doublechecking before scanning (even worse is when you notice it AFTER scanning, by which time it's too late).  

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    this happened to me a few times when I used to always use my key to take a bike out. Now i scan with my phone, which reminds me to check the points RIGHT before picking up a bike.

  • Before I am about to unlock a bike, I check the app to make sure the points haven't changed. I've been screwed too many times, when I check, say at 1:05, and see a +3, take a bike out at 1:10, and it's changed to -1. So it's a pain in the ass, but I always do an onsite check of the app right before undocking.

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    Yes same here, I've been almost burned by this; I luckily checked right before returning my bike and noticed the station had changed from neutral to pickup!

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      "... luckily checked right before returning my bike and noticed the station had changed from neutral to pickup!"


      Except... as posted in this thread, the points and status of all the docking stations stay locked in at pickup.