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3 years ago

Come work on Bike Angels!

Hello! Do you love Bike Angels?  Come work with the team making Bike Angels bigger and better. 


We're hiring a product manager to join the NY-based team that works on Bike Angels, incentives and pricing for our bike and scooter shares. Citi Bike, but also Divvy in Chicago, Bay Wheels in SF, Blue Bikes in Boston, Capital Bikeshare in DC, Nice Ride in Minneapolis, Denver, plus scooters in Miami, Denver, DC, multiple southern California markets. 


Here's the role:  

As Product Manager responsible for Rider Pricing, you will design and set the prices riders pay for each of their bike, ebike, and scooter rides across the nation. You will also own Bike Angels, our incentive reward program. You'll grow the size, engagement, and impact of Angels to produce self-rebalancing networks at scale. You will use pricing, incentive, and rider experience levers to eliminate the hard problems of improper parking, ebike or dock unavailability, and unsafe riding. If you enjoy behavioral economics in large-scale networks, delighting bike and scooter riders, and creating sustainable businesses, this is the role for you.


... and here's the job posting. I'm happy to answer questions here or via direct message!