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2 years ago

Location of stations up on the hill by OHSU (in Portland)?

I have looked for those stations twice now, but since the app doesn't tell you the elevation of the stations its possible I'm looking in the wrong place..

I found some other bike-racks, but they don't seem to be exactly right, and none of the bike-racks has the biketown sticker on them so don't want to risk a parking penalty.

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    Bike Angels Team

    We also waive parking fees at certain city owned bike racks that we list in the app as stations. This way we can help keep streets organized and make bikes easier to find in areas where we have fewer stations. All three stations in this screenshot are indeed city owned public bike racks.


    The easiest way to tell you've got it right during a ride is to open up the app before locking your bike and making sure that the bike pin is right on top of the station pin; the bike pin is the location sent up by the bike, so if the bike thinks it's at the station you should be golden.

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      Thanks! But I already tried lining up the location of the bike/app with the pins, but none did. I was however also looking for the "biketown" sticker, so now that I know they might not be marked I could try one more time.