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27 days ago

Price cap

Hi all!

Is there a reason why rides in Manhattan won’t cap like rides from in/out of Manhattan?

I live far Uptown and I have to bike 11 miles to get to work but because I am not coming from one of  the other Boros, the Ebikes charges you $0.20 per minute. Meanwhile if you are coming from another Boro, it caps the price to $4 or something around that .

anyone has an idea why? And what is the logic behind that? A round trip home /work it costs me around $20.


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    Bike Angels Team

    Hi there, thank you for visiting the community to share your experiences--This is a good question! Ebikes are great for crossing steep long bridges, and we want to help riders further from Manhattan bike across the East River conveniently and affordably. The fare cap is designed to encourage riders to use Ebikes when traveling in or out of Manhattan. 

    I see you've begun racking up Bike Angels points, which is a great way to get curb some of your commuting cost. I hope you'll return to the community if you have other questions!