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3 years ago

Bike Angel Points and Rewards

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    Still finding my way around this forum. Thanks to all who’ve responded to my posts and observations about the program; it seems that there have been a lot of us who’ve been jerked around by Lyft.  It’s appalling the way they disregard questions from Bike Angels ,They seem to not care. Given the circumstances with the global auppply change, maybe they should have come up with another solution.  The rewards I’ve gotten pre-Lyft takeover were uniformly bad excepting the white key. So much work and effort for a shorty tote bag and a water bottle.  I had my heart set in the steel key and the. They snatched that away from us.  One  CSR even claimed that the keys were still coming but that the key slots had to be reconfigured. All they do is lie.  What a horrible company Lyft is.  At the behest of a friend, I’ve downloaded the Curb app so I never have to use them for rides anywhere again.  If I owned any stock in Lyft, I’d have sold it by now.

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      I got my white key before the takeover, so that was always available. I was promised, but never received my metal key (still miffed about that.) This makes me think all the other awards are not being fulfilled either. Kinda sad.


      I have 4,456 lifetime points. There's a backpack at 5,000 that I doubt I will ever receive 😞

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        I also earned the steel key, and received several responses from CitiBike over a period of maybe a year telling me it was on its way, but they never really made it or sent it.


        I earned the backpack some months ago, and they did eventually send that.

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      I agree. All I really wanted was the steel key (after I got the white key). I earned it in November 2020 and have been jerked around ever since. They don’t care. 

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    I haven't gotten my steel key either😠