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10 months ago

Bike Angels via Tremendous - Reward sent & then canceled

Has anyone received an E-Gift card reward submitted in July yet?  Just received an email this afternoon for one of the rewards, redeemed it, and then received another email saying the reward was canceled.  "Your $170.00 reward has been canceled by Bike Angels.  Please reach out to them directly if this was unexpected."  Has anyone else come across this?  Thanks for your help. 

  • Hey aahles1 ! Thanks for posting this in the community. I know this has lead to quite a bit of confusion and have shared yours, and everyone else's feedback in the thread, internally. Everyone will receive their correct Tremendous reward by the 10th of the month as usual. We had a bit of a snafu on our end are working diligently with Tremendous to get everyones correct reward amount sent out as quickly as possible! 

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