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6 months ago

Citibike app not listing any Bike Angel point values

What the hell is going on? No point values show up on the app. I tried 6 times to call Citibike - got disconnected every time. If they are having tech issues, they should notify members by text or email.

Also, I got charged for a ride on a regular bike like it was electric. My accumulated points covered it, but I'm still "paying" for the ride.  Very poor customer service

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hi, TaichiKen, thank you for visiting the community to report the issues you're having with your app and with contacting support. I can understand this might have been frustrating, and I wanted to look into what happened more deeply to make sure this wasn't a signal of a larger issue. 


    The Bike Angels Team wasn't able to replicate the issue you're experiencing with not seeing your points on the map. Of course, there is always the chance that the feature was toggled off in your app settings. If that's not the case, our findings are pointing to connectivity issues with your device. We were able to find your support contacts, and it appears they were connecting with our systems and agents were connecting with some of those calls. We're thinking connectivity issues are the root cause of these experiences. 


    That said, I sincerely apologize this happened today! I would suggest you log out, delete and reinstall your app, and ensure your device is updated to the newest version. I'd also make sure the wifi was turned off to make sure it's not trying to connect to nearby weak signals. 👼