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30 days ago

Why do my CitiBike keys wear out?

Hi Jess,

Do Citi Bike keys have an estimated lifespan? At some point years ago I received a white key as a perk, and used it for at least five or six years before it suddenly stopped working exactly a month ago. Luckily, I still had my original blue key which I then started using, and I ordered a new key as a back up. Tonight as I was out doing Bike Angle rides, my old blue key stopped working as well. Luckily the new key came in the mail a few days ago so I switched over to that, but I’m wondering how long the brand new one might last, if I should get back up for that one now.

BTW, my original blue key that died tonight looks brand new, so it’s not like it’s been abused in any way.

Also, why can’t I just sign into this web page with my password? Why do I need to fill out my number to have Lyft send me a text with a number, then enter that number here? What is the point of password if I can’t use it?


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  • They're pretty durable and doesn't really seem to wear out or have any sort of anticipated life expectancy in my experience. I'm still using the same key I had when I initially signed up a decade ago.

    Though the text and barcode has completely faded, that shouldn't matter as it's NFC based. Do you happen to have your keys jumbled together with other NFC items or had your bike key near/or around magnets? That might be a possible reason as to why it might have stop working.

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      Hmmm, looks brand new, no visible signs of wear or damage. Only NFC device on keychain is Citibike key, nothing magnetic, nor do I keep my keys near anything magnetic, so still no clue why two have died recently… Thanks.

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    My white prize key also stopped working after about a year of use so I'm back to the blue classic