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7 months ago

corporate accounts lost in app migration

Hi Jess and omar 

It seems that corporate accounts especially are having issues with the app update. My account info got merged to my Lyft account and I cannot access the app. Dealing with Lyft/Bluebikes customer support has been an exercise in total frustration and futility.

I cannot do any bike angel trips until I can get back in the app and I am very frustrated.

Can you please try to help. thanks

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hey there, mavi, thank you for coming to the community to flag this issue. I'm sorry to hear your app isn't working after the change, and I appreciate the details you've shared here. I'm having issues locating your support tickets, can you please DM me the email address or phone number you use when you contact support? I want to review these interactions. 


    Can you also send some photos of your app? I want to investigate this more deeply, so you can use your app!