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2 years ago

I need a 1099 for the tax year 2022

Please email my 1099 for the tax year 2022

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    Bike Angels Team

    Hi there, CT953, thanks for posting in the community! Tax documents for Bike Angels cash rewards are sent in January each year.


    I understand you haven't seen yours arrive, and I wanted to help. Since this isn't something we can solve here in the community, I alerted the Bike Angels Support Team. I hope you'll return to the community to connect with Angels here in the future. 

  • Did you ever get your 1099? How did you end up reporting the earnings?

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        Steady Solver

        Hi Jess, I wasn't (at least not for 2022). But my new route to work and schedule offers a pretty nice opportunity for me to rack up those points above 200 each month so possibly for 2023's year end.


        Just wanted to know what to expect =P