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2 years ago

Is there a limit to how many or much credit can be applied to Lyft rides?

I recently took a ~$32 Lyft Ride. I had about $33 spread out amount 14 Lyft credits, but instead of applying them all to the ride, it maxed out at 10 credits, leaving me to pay $6.80 on my card. I can't find any information about there being a limit to how much or how many credits can be applied to one ride, but it would be good to know if this was a glitch or if there is fine print somewhere about it maxing out at 10 credits. I'm thinking if I racked up $100 in Lyft credits and wanted to splurge on a $75 ride, it would be nice to know if I can count on my credits to fully cover the ride.

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    I agree -- I'm not sure how reliably the Lyft credits are handled in the app. Firstly, the way that the $1.50 credits are used seems odd - I have a number of Lyft Credits going back to September for less ant $1 (e.g. $0.66) - it would be helpful to understand how these are used towards Lyft services. 


    Additionally, is there a better place to view the Lyft credits we receive? Rewards in the app seems to be the only place I can find them and I see that I only have 2 for October, when there should be more than that - it's possible that I used them but, other than the emails I received, I don't see anywhere to reconcile the 1.50 credits earned and used. 

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    I had a similar issue yesterday. I decided to hail a Lyft ride (which I rarely do) & many of the credits weren't used. It seems like only the 1.50+ credits were applied, but I ended up getting charged over $12 even though I had enough credits to cover most of it. There were a bunch of credits less than 1.50 that weren't applied. In addition it would be nice to be able to see the total credits in one amount without having to use a calculator.

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    Bike Angels Team

    halfadash dbny Ilike2bike Hi, all, thank you for sharing your experiences with rewards credits. The Bike Angels Team is actively investigating some related issues, and your perspective is helpful.

    To clarify, currently, the app applies the best combination of 10 eligible credits or discounts. We’re aware of some limitations in the app preventing Bike Angels rewards credits from populating on one line in the Rewards section. This creates issues like you’ve described here. We realize this makes tracking your rewards a bit difficult, and our team is working on potential solutions to help Angels use their rewards more easily. 😊

    If it’s beneficial, you can manually review and select the credits or discounts you use on a ride when you review your ride payment. Tap your payment method to view the discounts and payment to be used on the ride.