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8 months ago

Riding east/west through Mt Tabor in Portland, OR



Since Mt Tabor is a park, the bikes enter reduced assist.

HOWEVER, Lincoln/Harrison is a bike streets but it does indeed cut through the park at the south end. But Lincoln/Harrison is fairly steep, so just when you need the assist, you hardly have any!


Due to the mountain, the other east/west bike streets in that area also have issues:

Clinton to the south dead ends into the Clinton City park, and Division is a busy street.
Davis/Everett to the north is tricky around 82nd, and both Burnside and Glisan are busy streets.

So a suggestion, can you move the geo-fencing so its just north of Harrison when it cuts through the park?


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    Bike Angels Team

    Hello, heikkij, I have flagged this issue with the BIKETOWN Team to see if we can tighten the georestrictions to allow riders to ride on these roadways. I made sure to share this post with them so they can see the full context of the related issues. Thanks for taking the time to document this issue!