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23 days ago

Brooklyn Navy Yard - Dock 72 Station

The above referenced station has a valet daily in the mornings and afternoons. This station is SO oversubscribed, by the time the valet finishes each morning there are 100's of CitiBike's chained up and almost no docks available to select a bike from. How does CitiBike go about monitoring this and obtaining more real estate for the chained bikes? It makes the station useless from 10AM-4PM daily - and the area around the Brooklyn Navy Yard almost never has available docks. As the weather improves it gets worse, and I'm not looking forward to another summer of circling for stations or walking half a mile from the closest available station.

Here's a picture of the area at 6:30PM on a Friday - looks even worse on a workday!


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    Hi there, AndyGladstone, thank you for posting here. I understand the area is very commute heavy and this makes using bikes in that area tricky. We appreciate you sharing your experience. To clarify your question, are you asking about how station expansion works? I want to help however I can. I also tagged this post as community feedback. 

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      Here's a picture at 12:38PM from my office window. The station is basically unusable during the day due to the dozens of bikes locked in front of the docks. Is there any way to lock those up NOT in front of the docks? The only reason there are (4) available docks is because it's lunch hour and people just took bikes from them.