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12 months ago

New Rewards How do you cash out?

So I am confussed


Tremendous no longer pays us


The gift cards are still an end of the month payment?


Why did the new rewards program come across that you can cash out your points any time you want?


Thanks Richard

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    Bike Angels Team

    We will still use Tremendous to fulfill the gift cards that you redeem every month, so you will still have the familiar options that Tremendous gave you.


    Unfortunately we are not able to accelerate the speed at which we issue Tremendous rewards when they are redeemed at this point, but this is definitely something we want to consider as we continue to iterate on this feature.

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      Hustlin' Helper

      Thanks for your post.

      How about Divvy Chicago?

      Any chance the cash payouts will be started here?

      Our only options to redeem pts are eBike, Lyft credits, and 4week membership. 

      We want the cash option also. 


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        Bike Angels Team

        Hey, jm, thanks for sharing your thoughts about Divvy rewards. At this time, we don't have plans to share about expanding rewards in Chicago, but I'll be sure to surface this feedback should there be relevant internal conversations about Divvy rewards. 😊

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      Steady Solver


      The new system is extremely confusing and not straight forward


      Old System 

      points earned for the monthly cycle you got a payment from Tremendous


      New system 

      a bank that says that you can redeem your points at any time 

      but when you redeem your points for an e-gift card the fine print says you get paid at the end of the next month


      So redeeming the points is not instant


      I also experienced that I earned 7800 points for the month of May

      But today I had 6300 points in my bank for the Month of June


      Under the advice of another angel who had no idea of what he was talking about, I put 6000 on the e-card because I was told by this bike angel that Tremendous was no longer making payments


      When I looked at the fine print, the payment for the e-card is not instant but I have to wait a month


      Do I have to wait a month for the this payment 


      Also what about my missing 1500 points from May?


      please explain

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        Bike Angels Team

        Hey CT953! Thanks for sharing your questions and feedback in the community. Points can be redeemed for all available rewards in your Bike Angels profile at any time during the month. The Tremendous cash/e-gift cards however, will still be sent at the same cadence as before. Tremendous Rewards emails for  points redeemed for cash/e-gift cards will be sent out no later than the 10th of the following month. 

        Aside from physical rewards and cash/e-gift cards, all other reward redemptions will be available on your account as soon as you redeem them.


        In regard to points earned at the beginning of May before the launch of the new structure, these were auto-redeemed. These points would not be included in the monthly total displayed in the points bank after the launch of the new structure, as they were already auto-redeemed for rewards. You can check out this reply from a previous thread for more information.

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      Steady Solver

      So you can’t cash daily or weekly?  So it is still only monthly 

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        Bike Angels Team

        Hey CT953 .


        You can redeem points as many times as you'd like during the course of the month. However, Tremendous emails will still only be sent out the following month usually within the first week.


        Let's say on June 5th you used enough points to redeem the equivalent of $25. Then on June 20th you used enough points to redeem the equivalent of $30. The combined total of $75 will then be sent to you in a Tremendous email in the following month of July, usually within the first week. 

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    Hi jenniferrp & Jess I've yet to receive a Tremendous email to cash out my August/Sept points and since 2 weeks ago, I see there is an option to manage the points on the updated software/app, which I love, by the way. However, I've refrained from reaching out until/after the 10th after reading this thread. It's now the 13th and I've yet to receive a Tremendous email. Please advise on next steps to resolve. - Thank you, Sarah

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      Bike Angels Team

      Hi sarahlee ! I'm sorry for the trouble with receiving your reward! We were notified they got sent on the 7th so you should have received it by now. Our Support Team is looking over this now and will follow up with you via email as soon as we can.