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2 years ago

Problem getting 3X Booster (4th ride not correctly considered as positive)

I just joined Bike Angel, and was looking forward to getting the 3X booster on my 4th ride today (after I understood what "streaks" meant).

I picked up the bike from a neutral station (no pickup nor drop off points), and parked the bike on a station with 12 pink points. 

But the system did not consider the ride as positive and gave me zero point. It also reset my booster counter to 0!

I have screenshots showing the pick up station being neutral, and parked station with +ve dropoff (also checked the status of both stations after I had parked the bike).

I contacted Lyft support and was able to get the 12 points credited, but they weren't able to provide the booster credits saying that's beyond what they could assist.

Has anyone experienced this issue? 

Who else could I contact to resolve this issue? Otherwise, it is not worth the trouble trying to get booster points in future.


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    It might help if you posted a screenshot of the map you took. It sounds like you docked at a station with pick-up points rather than drop-off points (or the system was reading it that way.) l never had this issue but a few times (months ago) l was getting credited for less points than what the map showed l should’ve received. I was taking screenshots and sending them thru Twitter DM to get the missing points credited but the issue never lasted more than a day. (I’ve always found I get quick responses thru Twitter DM.)


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    I have attached two screenshots:
    First one was at the "neutral" station I picked up the bike. It was still neutral after I collected the bike.
    Second one was right before I dropped the bike, with 12 Pink drop off points. You can see the green circle showing my bike position.

    I got zero point for the ride. I later contacted Lyft support and they could only grant me the 12 points, but not the triple booster that I would have been entitled to, had it correctly registered the ride as a positive ride. I asked to speak with the supervisor who was also unable to assist.

    The other day, I had a ride that should have awarded my 2*booster point (Pink 4 + Pink 4 = 8*2 =16). But I was only given 8 points. This were the bonus point situation when I collected the bike. In fact, after I dropped off the bike, the drop off station went from Pink 4 points to Pink 8 points. My understanding is that the points are locked in when the bike is collected, right?

    Anyway, for this ride, I contacted Lyft support and they granted me the extra 8 points.

    I found the Lyft support team fairly poor in dealing with Bike Angel points. Some of them did not really understand how it works and provided incorrect advice. Admittedly, I had some misunderstanding too.

    I am not sure what the issues are with how the points are calculated, and not sure if this happens with others (hopefully not). 

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    I had misunderstood how the booster points work. 

    Today, I had positve rides and met the 2X and 3X boost but did not see any point change at the time I met the requirements.

    I did a Google search and found a Reddit article from someone who had misunderstood this as well. I had also incorrectly thought that the 2X and 3X booster bonus applied once at the time I had met the 2X/3X boost requirement.

    From the Reddit article, the 2X (or 3X) is applied to all the points cumulated for the 24hr period, not just a one-off.

    Previously, after I met the 2X booster, I also did a negative ride as I did not know how this worked then. The negative ride would have nullified the booster, hence I did not get extra points.

    My Apps is now showing my "Streak" has 26 hours more to go. Does anyone know if the "boost" multiplier is applied when the Streak ends?

    Also, if I had a 2X and 3X boost requirements on the same day, do I just get 3X boost for the points accumulated, or 6X?? 

    The App now offers me another 3X booster if I do 4 consecutive positive rides.


  • I think you might be focusing on the Pink Points, & not whether it's a pick up spot or drop off? The Pink is an indication of higher points, not whether it's pick up or drop off. Regarding customer service, they're often difficult to communicate with & understand questions, especially regarding bike angel issues.